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Beat Brogle


Installation Views

Photo: Beat Brogle

Detail of the invitation card to Subreales. (Detail of an image by Beat Brogle.)

Photo: Beat Brogle

Press Release

In the exhibition “Subreales” at Galerie Gilla Lörcher, Beat Brogle is showing the internet-generated single-channel installation “From Ada to Zuzanne” as well as a new series of generated images on the concept of portrait (portrait 1, February 24, 2010; portrait 2, March 31, 2010 and portrait 3, 09/25/2009). The exhibition is complemented by large-format drawings from 2010.

Beat Brogle deals in his artistic work with the collective image memory of the Internet and with how this image memory can be made perceptible.
“It excites me to experiment with the visual material of the internet. The software searches the Internet for images according to my specifications. For me it is a kind of alchemical way of thinking - the question of the background noise of the images of the Internet. The resulting image is, as it were, an excerpt from image associations existing on the web for a specific term, ”said Beat Brogle in an interview in March 2010.
Brogle also sees his drawings as creating “structures from streams of images”. They make one think of scores or abstract urban planning sketches whose dynamic change of perspective is not at all easy to follow.